Female characters have always had it rough, in any sort of media. I really don’t even need to point out the countless tropes that are associated with badly written and badly handled female characters. However, this time, I’m looking at situation that is quite ironic: the female cast of Fairy Tail. Extremely wide and varied, it seems like this cast has it all - and in all honesty, especially for a shonen (aimed at teenage boys), all the females are handled extremely well and are written as people, and are rarely used as devices for plot and things of the like. So what’s the issue? The fandom doesn’t seem to think so.

In actuality, the majority of the female cast is overlooked, dismissed, mischaracterized, and wrongly criticised by the majority of the fandom - so much so that one can probably identify a lone aspect of a female character that could be considered negative and immediately Flanderizes the character. Sure, every character has at least one flaw, as no one is perfect, but why does it seem that, when a series provides well written and diverse characters, the fans don’t realize it?

So basically I want to prove why the fandom has it wrong with the main females of Fairy Tail. I suppose you don’t have to agree with everything I say, but, at least, if you’re someone who looks at these females this way, I would like you to reconsider. Onward :)

(Also, I’d like to address something before I continue with the girls. A major point of hate towards the entire female cast is that their outfits are too revealing and things like that - and sometimes, this only applies to certain females. In the first place, this is inherent slut shaming, and no one should be judged based on how they dress. In addition, it has absolutely nothing to do with the character themselves. Regardless of the fact that the reason the girls barely wear anything is because it’s, yet again, shonen, there is no reason that should be the reason the girls are hated. So I won’t be addressing this in any of them unless it’s specific, but I want to point this out before I continue.)

(Aaaand another thing. Another major point of hate is for the purpose of shipping. I’m sorry, but there’s no justification as to why a character should be truly hated for “getting in the way of a ship.” That’s childish and doesn’t help the character’s case or purpose in the slightest. Therefore, I won’t be addressing this at all because it doesn’t make any sense and is just pointless hate that should just be ignored and eliminated all together.)

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                       "Just close your eyes
the sun is going down,
you'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound" ♪ 
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My mom’s opinion:

'If Natsu turns evil, no one will be able to kill him. Not Gray, Erza, nor Makarov or even Guildarts. You want to know why? Because the only thing that can kill a demon is an angel, wich in Natsu’s world (I think) would be a celestial spirit mage. Which means only Lucy can defeat Natsu. After all, she is his only weakness

 Me: Mom…


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"I have to close the portal"

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when u get overly attached to a character that’s treated badly by the writers


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Animated movies are absolute works of art. Look at the depth! Look at the detail! Look at the frost on Jack’s cloak! And the moonlight on the trees! Look at the sand, look at that shit break apart like actual real sand! Look at Merida’s hair! Look at her arrows rattling around! Look at her wet hair!!! LOOK AT THE WATER!!! THE STONES UNDER THE WATER! WATER! cLEAR WATER! THE WATER OMG! Look at Elsa’s hair! Look at the jewels on her dress! Look at the detail! Look at the change in her complexion from the yellow ice! Look at her expression change omg! Look at Anna’s mittens! Look at the frost on those suckers! Look at her braids acting like real actual hair in the wind! loOK AT THE WATER AGAIN OMG! tHE WAY IT MOVES BEACAUSE OF HOW LOW TOOTHLESS FLIES OVER IT! PHYSICS! OMG! LOOK AT THAT FUCKING WATER RIPPLE! LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFUL! waTER OMg!!! Now I dare you to look at the one of Toothless’s eye and tell me that’s not the most beautiful, breathtaking, absolute work of art you’ve ever scene in your entire existence. I am dead serious. Look at that fucking beauty. The detail in the scales. The detail in the iris. The pupils contracting omg The REFLECTION  IN THE PUPILS OMG! ABSOLUTE WORK OF ART OMG!But look at Rapunzel’s hair! Look at her dress flapping in the wind! Look at the lighting change in that whole shot omg so pretty! Look at her freckles! Look at those luscious lips! Those green eyes! Look at the brown ring around the pupil! Look at the eyelashes! I am going to cry.

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